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New product: Motorized pop up socket for kitchen BM1504

New product: Motorized pop up socket for kitchen BM1504

New product: Motorized pop up socket for kitchen BM1504

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New product : Motorized pop up socket for kitchen BM1504


With the development of science and technology, intelligent electrical appliances play a very important role in our daily life. Therefore, we have the right time to develop our new products: Motorized pop up socket for kitchen BM1504 which is with the resources of the Sales Department and the R & D Department.


BM1504W is designed as an motorized pop up desktop socket with bluetooth speaker and wireless phone charger. 

The configuration of the desktop outlet could be customized as per customer's different requirement.

Touch the top button, the socket will be motorized pop up vertically form the table for the connection.

The socket could be easily and conveniently connected with the different electric equipment.

Widely applied in office furniture, modern kitchen system, entertainment system, hotel and school furniture.


1. Hidden design to save more space and makes a modern office environment

2. With Anti-pinch function, the socket will stop when working with nipping something or blocking, protect the hands form Jammed

3. The socket will not pop up with accident touch of the socket, need to keep pressing the top button for 3-4 seconds;

4. With LED light, when the socket is power on, LED light is on, once power off, the LED light is off

5. Socket can be stopped at any height during up and down by palm on the top cover;

6. Wireless phone charger and bluetooth speaker configuration 

7. The modules can be customized as the customer's requirement

Advantage:With wireless charger and Bluetooth speaker.



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