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New product: Tabletop sliding cover socket BC-01

New product: Tabletop sliding cover socket BC-01

New product: Tabletop sliding cover socket BC-01

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With the continuous improvement of science and technology and social needs, various smart devices are gradually developing toward intelligence and networking. Recently, with the continuous research and development of our R&D department, the BC-01 socket came out.


BC-01 desktop socket is designed as an morden slide cover socket with muti-functional configuration, 

It is a hidden equipment as it is mounted on the tabletop to use and hidden into table when it is not be used.

With the wireless charger connector, users could put the mobile on the charger to charge directly without wire.

For your selection, it also have USB charger connector for charging the mobile or other equipment by USB wire.

Other configuration of universal power socket, RJ11 telephone and RJ45 network plug, 

It is a smart socket to make the electrical equipment connect easliy and conveniently.

By the Slider cover design, the socket is cover by the aluminum alloy panel, users slide the cover to the right side, 

the socket is show up for use, easy to operate. 

It's widely used for the high-tier office table, conference room table AV solution, hotel room and training room.


Manual slidding design

With wireless charger, change the traditional charger power code for charging 

Hidden design to save more space and makes a modern office environment

Competitive price and high quality

Supply with double USB power charger(5V, 2.1A)

Made by Aluminum alloy material, which is corrosion resistant, wear-resistant,smooth surface and not easy to scratch.

The direction of sliding opening can be customized

Wireless charging with or without

Easy installation:

Just cut out a square hole on the table and install the socket accordingly.


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